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  Stephen Metzger, Ph.D.


Stephen Metzger PhD



     388 Croton Ave./Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

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ICAworld: Mission


            Dr. Metzger is currently head of consulting services for ICAworld.  ICAworld is organized around core competencies that are interrelated in most business operations and thus provides complementary services in strategic planning, finance, employee training, government relations, and knowledge management/IT to industry, banking, and government.




            Before becoming a full-time management consultant, Dr. Metzger worked as a corporate economist and strategic planner in three U.S. Fortune 500 corporations.  He launched his consulting business in 1980 with the founding of International Competitive Assessments (now ICAworld), with an initial focus on industries impacted by international trade and globalization.


            As a management consultant, Dr. Metzger has built upon his formal training in the field of economics.  His industry experience is wide ranging, spanning the fields of textiles, the leisure industry, energy, consumer electronics, manpower/training assessment, and finance.  He has implemented projects in product development, new product introduction, evaluation of foreign direct investment, market research and analysis, and economic forecasting.


Dr. Metzger also retains ties to academia as an adjunct professor, with teaching and lecturing assignments in international business, economic development, and macro and micro economics.


Business Experience


ICAworld/International Competitive Assessments (ICA), 1980-Present.  Founder and Principal of ICA.  ICA is a management consulting firm with core competencies in several business operational areas.  The consulting practice has covered a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, fibers and textiles, banking and financial services, jewelry, legal services, and leisure-related industries.  The company has a particular expertise in merger/acquisition analysis and related financial planning, having been involved in numerous acquisition activities in the energy industry and other industries.


            ICA’s clients have included a number of the world’s largest firms, such as General Electric, Du Pont, Hoechst Celanese (now KoSa), Monsanto (now Solutia); and Japanese firms Toray, Teijin, Mitsui, Kanebo, and others.



            In the area of small business development and entrepreneurship, ICA has served in a consulting capacity under the auspices of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority (international trade development for tri-state companies), the State of New York, and for the  National Minority Business Council.  Dr. Metzger designed management and market strategies for these firms ($50-$100 million in revenues) and rationalized their distribution systems, which paved the way for new business and expansion.



                                                      Selected Consulting Projects



  •                    Conducted major study of the small vehicle market in the United States for major golf car/neighborhood electric vehicle manufacturers;


  •         Successfully introduced new jewelry line from Japan to the highly competitive U.S. market;


  •          Developed initial budget and product introduction strategy for accessory venture (mainly jewelry) for a South African company;


  •         Evaluation of potential multi-million dollar investment in U.S.-based polyester fabric mill via intensive person-to-person and quantitative survey of key apparel executives;


  •          Review and analysis of selected U.S. industrial fiber and textile markets for major Japanese firm, leading to organizing and participating in a tour of selected U.S. firms by Japanese delegation/facilitated discussions leading to market development;


  •         Evaluation and review of major marketing organization for spandex with the aim of developing worldwide marketing and distribution plan;


  •        Analyzed and evaluated a chemicals distribution business, leading to successful reformulation of distribution strategy for a Long Island-based company.



Paine Webber, New York, NY 1979-80.  Directed an extensive study of the U.S. and Japanese consumer electronics companies with the aim of comparing the relative competitiveness of these two countries’ respective industries.  This experience became the basis for launching International Competitive Assessments.


LTV Corporation, Dallas, TX 1976-1979.  Director of Corporate Planning; prior to that Manager of Planning and Economic forecasts at this highly diverse company in steel, aerospace, and agriculture.  Dr. Metzger conceptualized and directed the implementation of the company’s first strategic planning cycle, and maintained a monitoring system for the established sales and profit targets.  He reviewed, critiqued, and helped present divisional plans to the firm’s executive committee.  Dr. Metzger was instrumental in bringing focus and direction to the company’s dissimilar businesses through the planning process.


IU International, Philadelphia, PA 1974-1976.  Manager of economic forecasts and analysis.  Directed and collaborated in several merger/acquisition analyses.  Conducted key strategic analysis of the outlook for ocean shipping impacted by the OPEC cartel and quadrupling of oil and natural gas prices and implemented an investment and financial strategy which eventually succeeded in reducing what had become a high-risk business.  (IU was heavily involved, at that time, in the marine transport of oil and liquified natural gas.)


Continental Oil Corporation (merged with Du Pont, then spun off as Conoco), Stamford, CT 1971-1973.  Planning Manager at the corporate headquarters in the Strategic Planning Department.  Applied expertise in linear programming to develop an energy model for the United States and a uranium pricing model, which radically changed the company’s perspective with regard to this business area.  Dr. Metzger served as consultant to the National Petroleum Council during the height of the OPEC oil crisis and was responsible for developing a demand model and a forecast of energy demand for the United States.  He participated in annual strategic plans and directed market analyses of uranium fuels and electricity demand.



                                                          Conferences and Papers


TechTextil Expo, Atlanta, GA April 2004 (forthcoming)–Session chairman and speaker on the criteria for entering the technical textile market arena.  Session title: Is This Business for You?


TechTextil Expo, Atlanta, GA April 2002–Session chairman and speaker on the topic of bringing a new product from the laboratory to the marketplace.


TechTextil Symposium, March 2001–Product Introduction and Marketing of High Performance Yarns and Fabrics: Case Studies


Industrial Fabrics Industry Association, 1998–A Comparison of Industrial Fabric Markets in Japan and the United States


Clemson University Conference on Technical Fabrics, 1997–Market Outlook for Reinforcement Fibers in Industrial Hoses & Belts


St. John’s University, Latin America and Caribbean Committee Symposium, 1997–Challenges to Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean–Developing an Effective Managerial Class in the Caribbean


Protective Clothing Conference, 1996–Overview and Outlook for High Performance Industrial Gloves


           ICA Market Research: Selected Publications and Consulting Projects


  q       Garment lining (3 studies)

q       Apparel company success stories

q       Tailored Clothing Markets

q       The Market for Distance Learning Systems and Services in the U.S.

q       The Market for Children’s Educational Software (2 studies)

q       The U.S. and European Markets for Video Games

q       U.S. Market for Denim Fabrics

q       Marketing Strategies for Spandex

q       Outlook for the Hosiery Market

q       Golf car, privately-owned, and utility vehicle markets in the United States (2 studies

q       High Performance Glove Market

q       HDI polyester markets and worldwide capacity

q       HDI nylon markets

q       Textile nylon markets

q       The Sewing Thread in  the U.S.

q       Chemical company corporate strategies (2 studies)

q       The Rayon Filament Market

q       Heavy woven fabrics—strategies for market entry

q       Outlook for Carpet Fibers

q       The Market for Carpet Tile/Modular Carpet

q       The Market for Monofilament Fibers

q       The Tire Cord Market

q       Outlook for Geotextiles/Geomembranes

q       The Market for Fiber Reinforcement in Automotive Hoses and Belts

q       The Home Medical Equipment Market

q       The Market for Consumer Electronics Products (series of four annual studies)


q       High tenacity Fibers in the U.S.

q       Rope and Cordage Markets in the U.S.

q       The Market for Abrasive Cloth

q       The Automotive Airbag Market

Academic/Institutional Activities and Publications


            Dr. Metzger currently teaches evening classes in international business and economic development at Mercy College and Iona College in the New York City area.  Publications include:


A Financial Model of Firm Decision-Making, Journal of Finance


Forecast of U.S. Energy Consumption, published in the National Petroleum Council’s U.S. Energy Supply and Demand to the Year 2000  (The article appeared in an official study of the U.S. energy crisis, commissioned by the executive branch of the federal government.)




            Yale University, BA Honors in Economics


            Rice University, PhD, economics













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